The Last Taboo
Saying No to Motherhood
The Last Taboo
A Provocative, ground breaking book rejecting the centuries old mandate that woman’s mission is motherhood.
Throughout history, women have been equated with a single biological function, motherhood, and made to feel they must have children to be “real women”. Despite all women’s advances, the pressure to have children still dogs women.
Using stories of many women and research data, The Last Taboo counters the motherhood ‘requirement’ and the glorification of motherhood everywhere in the culture, exposing the harm motherhood often inflicts on
  • Women (their relationships, careers, self-identify, finances, energy)
  • Unwanted children (half of all pregnancies are unplanned)
  • The human species and environment (both threatened by overpopulation)
For too long, women have been consigned to a life not suited to all, or even most, women in the modern era, an era reeling under the environmental and human devastation of overpopulation.
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