Hypocrisy, Inc.

Hypocrisy, Inc.
by Rosemary AgonitoHypocrisy INc.

When evangelicals wrap their religion in the flag, there can be serious consequences. When hypocrisy is involved, those consequences are greatly compounded.

A timely political book,  HYPOCRISY, INC.: How the Religious Right Fabricates Christian Values and Undermines Democracy, examines what lies at the heart of Washington dysfunction and gridlock while exposing the religious right’s hypocrisy on two counts:

  • Evangelical Christian social and family values flatly contradict what Jesus taught and modeled in the Gospels, which evangelicals claim is God’s word.
  • The religious right couples these fabricated “Christian” values with conservative politics to form an ideology that is anti-democratic in concept and practice, while claiming to champion democracy.

This surprising and informative expose examines what the Gospels actually say about social and family values, demonstrating how far they deviate from evangelical “Christian” values. The book explores how evangelicals use their values to form a political, social, and economic ideology that exerts great power on American culture, politics, law, and policy in a way that threatens our republic.


1. The Funny Thing About “Values”
Two Jesuses
Who Are the Religious Right?
Why We Care
God’s Mission or Their Mission?
2. The Values Evangelicals Teach
Father Knows Best – At Home and in the World
Fudging the Evidence
3. The Values Jesus Taught
Women: Barefoot and Pregnant No More
Patriarchy: The Obsolete Father
Family: Strangers As Kin
4.The Chasm
Was Jesus a Christian?
Making Sense of the Disconnect
5. The Religious Right Enters Politics
Does It Really Matter?
Politics: Midwife to a Christian Nation
6. A Community of Equals
The Corrosive Underbelly of Evangelical Values
We’re Not All Equal
We’re Not in This Together
Dirty Words: Community Action
7. The People’s Government
Hating Government
Unleashing Partisanship
Starving the Beast
8. My Brother’s Keeper
Marginalizing “Welfare Queens” and Working Stiffs
Every Man for Himself
9. Civil Rights for All
Barefoot and Pregnant – One More Time
No Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness for Gays
10. Secular Humanism
Reading, Writing, and Praying
The Marriage of Church and State
11. The World Around Us
Trashing the Environment
War and Guns
12. Envisioning Jesus’ Social Order
The Two Faces of Christian Family Values
What a Christian Nation Would Really Look Like


Hypocrisy, Inc. presents a thoughtful challenge to far right social conservatism and the damage it is doing to the modern political system.”
Midwest Book Review, August, 2012

“Fearlessly authentic. Agonito shows in this 150 page volume how, through slogans like ‘family values,’ these crusaders have injected intolerance, insensitivity to human needs, and a mindless fear of government into the American political scene.”
Eric Harth, LaFayette, NY

“Your writing is wonderful. I love your style. The content is so compelling I couldn’t put it down. I have said as much on Goodreads . . . Additionally in my newest article on my website, I have recommended Hypocrisy, Inc. to my followers.  . .  What a great piece of research. Your dexterity with specific verse is remarkable.  . . I really appreciate your work.”
Ron McCabe, Tonasket, WA, www.novelistrpmccabe.com

“Award-winning author Rosemary Agonito deserves a round of applause from true Christians in America. Hypocrisy, Inc. beautifully details how the Religious Right in this country have hijacked Christian principles and values in order to sway people to support policies against their well-being. These are truly acts Jesus would frown upon. Agonito pounds the point home and does a great service in exposing their true demoralizing agenda.”
Jamie Sanderson, The Politics of Jamie Sanderson, South Carolina

“What a timely book this is. . . . Hypocrisy, Inc. is a must read for all compassionate and fair-minded people of whatever political or religious persuasion, and I would add that teachers of History and Civics in our schools and colleges would do well to add this slim but powerful volume to their reading lists.”
John Cowans, Chester, Nova Scotia, www.Bookpleasures.com

“Finally, a well written book about how Jesus’ teachings were hijacked and distorted by certain groups to consolidate their own power and how they are now attempting to do the same with the constitution. . . Great read.”
Ganine Gambale, New York, NY

“A brilliant analysis at this critical moment in our national life.”
Mary Ampola, M.D., Atlanta, GA

“At last! The religious right exposed. I gobbled up Hypocrisy, Inc. with delight! This book is an essential read for all of us who value religious freedom, for all who are shocked by the misuse of religion for political purposes, for everyone who intends to vote in the next presidential election. ”
Rev. Betty Bone Schiess, Clay, NY

Hypocrisy, Inc. is an eye opener. The cover is an eye grabber, but its content is mind grabbing.”
Barrington Henry, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

“I finished reading Hypocrisy, Inc. and I loved it.”
Arthur Bellanzoni, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Wells College

“A well-researched treatise on how the ‘religious right’ has ‘manipulated’ the teaching of Christ to align with their own agenda of families being independent entities ruled by the father. . . . It is a very informative book on how the interactions between religions and politics is an unholy alliance which seeks to establish a “national” religion for the country. . . . It is also a disturbing book in the way it shows how the two groups [REpublicans and religious right] have allied with each looking to benefit from the other . . . Highly recommended for anyone interested in politics and what we need to understand behind what legislation is being proposed.”
Robert Steingraber, amazon.com review