Speaking Engagements

Hear the Author Speak

Rosemary Agonito  is available to speak to your group.  Please email her at agonito(at)aol. com

 Chat with Rosemary

Your reading group will enjoy a lively exchange with Rosemary on the book of your choice.

Wherever you live in the country, your group can chat with the author by phone at no cost. Enjoy a lively give and take after your group has read the book. You will need a speakerphone to insure that everyone in your group can take part in the chat. An internet teleconference is also possible via Skype.

Contact the author at agonito(at)aol.com and provide the following information:

  • The date your group would like to chat (with a back-up date).
  • The time of the proposed chat (between 10am and 10pm Eastern Time).
  • A bit of information about your group and their interests.
  • Write the book title in the Subject area of your email.

Rosemary will get back to you.  Together, a time will be arranged.

At the scheduled time Rosemary will call the number you have given for a stimulating chat (about 30 to 60 minutes) with the author.